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Plastic Bottle Has Certain Processing And Production Method
Jul 03, 2017

Plastic bottles have a certain processing and production methods, the main processing methods are extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding, molding, laminating, casting and so on a variety of ways. And the plastic bottle is after the blow molding processing, is to melt the plastic solution and then pressure into a special blow molding mold, at the same time, internal air pressure, plastic pressure on the mold to form the final product shape. Because the bottle in the shape of the outward pressure, so the bottle itself internal stress is to the inside, the heating temperature to a certain degree will make plastic softening, internal stress resistance to smaller, so the bottle will become smaller.

Plastic bottles in the processing and production of a certain processing characteristics, in accordance with a certain way of grace processing methods to ensure that in the production and processing has a good quality and performance. Here is a description of the plastic bottles in different aspects of the processing characteristics:

Shrinkage Rate

The shrinkage ratio of reinforced plastics is smaller than that of general pressure plastic, it is mainly composed of heat shrinkage and chemical structure contraction. The factors that affect shrinkage are first plastic. General phenolic resin than epoxy, epoxy phenolic, unsaturated polyester, and so on, where unsaturated polyester shrinkage of the smallest. Other factors affecting shrinkage are the shape and thickness of plastic parts, thick wall shrinkage, plastic containing fillers and large amount of glass fiber shrink, the volatile content of large shrinkage is large, forming pressure, large load is reduced, hot demoulding than cold demoulding shrinkage, curing insufficient shrinkage. The shrinkage rate of plastic bottle is one of the important factors affecting the use of plastic bottles, in the use of reducing the shrinkage rate of plastic bottles, to prevent the use of important shrinkage phenomenon, the effect of actual use.


The fluidity of the reinforced material is worse than the general pressure plastic, and the fluidity of the resin is easily produced and the glass fiber is accumulated separately when it is too large. Too small the forming pressure and temperature will be significantly improved. There are many factors that affect the fluidity, so it is necessary to make a specific analysis according to the composition. Factors that affect liquidity.

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