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Design Details Of Plastic Bottle
Jul 03, 2017

For the plastic bottle packaging design, we focus on its appearance is beautiful, whether to attract the attention of consumers, whether to highlight the characteristics of the product, can make packaging highlighting the brand characteristics of products. These are the main criteria for the buyer's eligibility for a plastic bottles. Some of the more stringent manufacturers, the plastic bottle grip on the use of convenience and other aspects of attention and evaluation.

In fact, we think there is another detail that should be given attention and attention. This is the bottle of plastic. The plastic bottle has a lot of problems. First, the size and standard of the plastic bottle mouth. The size of the plastic bottle is directly related to the user's use of the package. For example, drinks plastic bottle diameter too big to drink up will overflow, the caliber of small consumers to drink up inconvenient. So the reasonable plastic bottle caliber is actually very important. In addition, the unification of plastic bottle caliber is advantageous for the matching of the industrial manufacturers. Secondly, is the sealing problem of plastic bottle, reasonable design has the use of sealing film, cap sealing more reliable and safe.

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