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What should we pay attention to when the plastic bucket is in use?
Jul 03, 2017

For ordinary users, plastic barrels are generally used for storing sundries and living rubbish. But we also need to be aware of some taboos when we use them.

The edible oil does not put in the plastic bucket, because the edible oil puts in the barrel to produce a kind of harmful substance-plasticizers, this kind of material person if after long edible will appear dizziness headache, nausea, anorexia. Memory decline, serious also can cause anemia disease. Next is not to use liquor, because the current production of plastic barrels are polyethylene and pet packaging. If the long-term use of ordinary polyethylene plastic barrels to fill liquor, then these substances will be a large number of dissolved into alcohol, after drinking may produce skin allergy phenomenon, causing anemia. Again is not used to fill gasoline. Because gasoline and plastic will rub off electricity, coupled with plastic is an insulator, resulting in a large number of charges together to form an electric spark, when encountering an open flame is very easy to explode.

We hope that in the future use of plastic barrels, we must pay attention to the relevant matters, not because of the convenience of the temporary cause of safety risks.

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