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The protection of plastic bucket is very important for the service life of plastic bucket.
Jul 03, 2017

In addition to the need for regular cleaning of plastic barrels, the correct storage method is also an important way to prolong its service life.

Many people will find that plastic barrels fade after a period of sun exposure due to chemical reactions to the molecules of their materials. The first is ultraviolet, which can directly cause the rupture of the molecular chain. Because the rubber, plastic materials in the absorption of light energy will produce free groups, thus triggering and accelerating some adverse chain reaction. In addition, when the plastic bucket is illuminated, its surface temperature will increase, and temperature rise will accelerate the diffusion of oxygen, so that its oxidation rate increased, and lead to hot glue and cracking, but also with the air oxygen and even ozone contact, too much glue or molecular chain fracture can accelerate the aging of plastic bucket speed. Therefore, we must do a good job in the daily use of sunscreen.

I believe that through the above explanation, we also understand the importance of doing a good job of plastic bucket protection.

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