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IML Printing for Plastic Buckets
Dec 21, 2018

What is IML

The term "in mould labelling" is that  the film is printed and formed by molding, and then cut and placed in an injection mold to produce.

IML is directly used for all areas of production, is mainly used for blow molding and injection molding of PP, PE and other materials. That is, before the blow molding and injection molding, the already printed label is placed in the blowing and injection molding cavity.  Then the molten PP or PE is added to the Mold, the mold is labeled with special high temperature and high pressure. while curing,takes the desired shape of the Mold. Result: label and packaging become one.  


A novel and beautiful appearance.

Maximum print quality

Strong yet flexible and hygienic

lower production costs

Environmentally friendly packaging

Our factory are Manufacturing Plastic Bucket in different color and size,like that,

200g round plastic bucket

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