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Heat Transfer Printing
Dec 26, 2018

Learn the Basics of the Heat Transfer Printing

The heat transfer printing also known as hot printing,it  refers to the pre-printing of a pattern (actually a graphic with a release agent, a protective layer and an adhesive) on the surface of the film. through a proces that uses a combination of heat and pressure,the image is transferred to the surface of plastic product.

The heat transfer printing is applied to various plastic products such as PP and PC. The film can be designed according to the customer's requirements, and the pattern can be transferred to the surface of plastic buckets by heating . the heat transfer printing are widely used in the plastics packaging industry. 


white and transparent in round bucketsdifferent color in plastic buckets

Main feature

Design & print your own logo 

Simple operation, it can be completed with ordinary hot stamping machine and heat transfer machine, and maximizing your efficiency

Highest print resolution ,multi-color pattern molding at one time, no need for color registration,  durable prints with long lasting colors

High hiding power and strong adhesion.

Heat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe,There are no suspect liquid by-products. 

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