Black Bucket With Deep Water Culture Bubbler System

Black Bucket With Deep Water Culture Bubbler System

1.Material:PP/HDPE 2.Size:2l to 20l 3.Color: Black or customize 4.Appliaction:dwc bucket
Product description

Product Description

Black Bucket with Deep Water Culture Bubbler System

Deep water culture commonly referred to as DWC, is just as the name suggests. It is basically letting the roots of the plant grow down into a nutrient solution or water culture.
DWC (Deep Water Culture) is the preferred system of choice for growing leaf lettuce, which are very fast growing and water loving plants, making them an ideal choice for the Deep Water Culture hydroponic system. Many commercial hydroponic lettuce operations employ this method, using floating Styrofoam rafts to hold the plant cups or just the plants themselves.


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