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Plastic PE Tank KNOW How Much
Jul 03, 2017

Plastic tank manufacturers hint, PE storage tanks with pure polyethylene (linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE, high-density polyethylene HDPE) as raw materials, the use of special rotational molding process. The plastic tank has the advantages of no welding, no leakage, no toxicity, light weight, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and long life. Integrated molding integrity, corrosion resistance, long life advantages are particularly prominent. The plastic storage tank can store and react most inorganic acid, alkali, salt solution and most organic solvents, can partly replace stainless steel titanium, nickel, high-grade alloy steel and other materials, plastic tank in line with the dangerous goods storage and transportation regulations, is storage reaction chemical corrosion solution, clean solution ideal storage container. This product conforms to the national hygienic standard, may replace the stainless steel container to ship the food grade solution.

Shan Plastic Tank One-time molding integrity, no weld, never leakage, strong impact resistance, tensile strength, anti-oxidation, anti-aging performance, in line with the health food standards.

Shan Plastic tank manufacturers hint that due to linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) excellent performance and the special structure of the roller plastic tank, the service life of more than 15 years.

Shan chemical resistance is very good, except a few solution can be swelling it, almost can withstand most of the material solution.

Shan Plastic tank has the characteristics of internal and external anti-corrosion, can be placed in a high corrosive environment.

Shan General storage tank use conditions for normal temperature, atmospheric pressure; In special cases, the storage tank can be used for temperature less than 70 Shan and hydraulic less than cm2.

Shan Plastic anti-corrosion storage tank in large size large volume of products have a very large advantage, although the volume is large, but only to maintain the characteristics of a molding integrity, this is other storage tank technology can not reach.

Compared with traditional preservative tanks, Shan has low price and high performance price.

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