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Introduction Of Plastic Bucket
Jul 03, 2017

Plastic barrels are used for storing and transporting liquids, for the special dangerous goods packing has the good characteristic, it has not easily broken, does not rust, the quality is light and so on the characteristic, moreover oil-resistant, the strong corrosion resistance performance is good, is used for the need heat preservation, moistureproof, the pressure, the corrosion-resistant dangerous goods packing. Plastic barrels of materials used polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and other plastic blow molding, injection molding, plastic, plastic, and more used in the chemical, pesticide, medicine, food, metal electronics, mechanical and electrical industries liquid, solid goods. Spec from 0.25l--220l

Open closed plastic bucket and 1000L set plastic bucket. It can be used for the goods to be put up or transported. At present, the plastic barrel capacity of the rotational molding process can reach 50 tons.

Some products can be used for hot filling, the general temperature should not exceed 60 Shan. After the heat is filled, the lid and the stacking code should be fully cooled and lowered to room temperature. Weather resistant 60-40 performance is excellent.

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