High Borosilicate Fruit Juice Water Cup 500ML Clear Glass My Bottle

1,Material: PC/Tritan. Size:65*195mm. 2,Lids color:Pink,green,blue,yellow,white,black. 3,Artwork treatment :Silk screen ,hear transfer. 4,Packing:1pc/ bag, 1pc /box, 100pcs /carton 5,Carton size:66*32.5*41cm 6,Certification:FDA,SGS,ISO,CE,GIG
Product description

Material: PC/Tritan.


Lids color:Pink,green,blue,yellow,white,black.

Artwork treatment :Silk screen ,hear transfer.

Packing:1pc/ bag, 1pc /box, 100pcs /carton

Carton size:66*32.5*41cm


1. Unscrew the cup cover close,all threads neatly tied up, counterclockwise ,open,easy to operate

2.The cup body is smooth as new, in the cover can be freely disassembled, convenient cleaning.

3.A cup of high density, strong sealing performance,not water leakage,convenient to carry out.

4.Fashion linen bags,the pull rope design is convenient to take carry out convenient and practical.

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