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What's the Difference Bettween Plastic Buckets & Metal Buckets
Dec 28, 2018

What are the properties of plastic material buckets

Lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio

Plastics are lighter materials with a relative density between 0.90 and 2.2. More convenient and lighter than metal buckets

RULYDA plastic buckets

The corrosion resistance 

  Most plastics buckets have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals,but metal buckets in moist air will rust,Plastic can stand up to most climate circumstances and is much more resistant to the weather than many metal buckets 

 Thermally and electrically insulating

  Plastics exhibit dielectric strength, thermal performance, high insulation , water and heat resistance, making them ideal for safe,  containers are used in transportation.

 Can be manufactured inexpensively and mass produced

Plastic can be a very reasonable material, price-wise, which gives you the option to choose the right container – or series of containers – to suit your needs and as the material is so cost-effective,   Large-scale production line, more rapid delivery

 Rulyda plastic manufacture  concluded that plastic buckets are widely used in electronic products and daily necessities because of their good transparency, flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, excellent insulation, strong anti-fouling ability, compact, crisp and beautiful.

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