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No toxicity of plastic tank material
Jul 03, 2017

Plastic tank manufacturers suggest that the plastic tank material non-toxic, in line with the food hygiene standards. It can be used in the production and storage of food. The plastic tank is lightweight and can reduce transportation costs. The plastic tank has good corrosion performance and wide surface corrosion resistance. Plastic storage tank Applicable scope: chemical, petroleum, printing and dyeing, dyestuff chemical, papermaking, power plant, food, medicine, pesticide, metallurgy, metal surface treatment, electronics and other industries. Plastic storage tank Material: There are two kinds of series. A: Plastic: Made of modified polyethylene. B: Steel lining plastic: is the plastic outside the composite with a close combination of steel cans (steel net welded in the steel plate, steel net and the whole poured in polyethylene. )

Plastic tank manufacturers hint, plastic tank technology: roll Molding process with a model of the whole, the whole (including the Falankou of the inlet and outlet) without seams, no leakage. The exterior is smooth and beautiful, the inner surface is smooth and easy to clean. The plastic tank material has good toughness. Can better withstand the external impact (can be hit with a large hammer without breakage), and ceramics, FRP, glass-lined products susceptible to damage, crack compared to the obvious advantages.

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