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How to choose Ice Cream Containers, Buckets and Tubs for Hot Summer Days
Jul 03, 2018

There are lots of things to love about summer. Although (thanks to the freezer), we're now free to enjoy ice cream all year round, there's nothing like enjoying an ice cream cup or cone when the sun is blazing. Ice cream not only tastes great, and of course comes in millions of flavors, but it's also a wonderful way to cool yourself down.

Ice Cream: A Modern Invention?

Because ice cream requires refrigeration—and electric freezers have only been around for about one hundred years—you might think that ice cream is a modern delicacy. The truth is ice cream has been around for a lot longer than you think.

As long ago as 200 BC, the Chinese created a method of making an ice-cream style dessert, made from a mixture of rice and milk. They would place the rice and milk in a container with syrup for flavor and sweetness. They would then cover the container with a mixture of snow and saltpeter, which would freeze the mixture.

In ancient Persia and the Middle East, they too used milk as the basis for their ice cream—although they used sugar and rosewater for sweetness, along with dried fruit and nuts for flavor. The Arabs would store snow underground or import snow from mountaintops to use for ice cream.

Because of the effort required to make ice cream, the dessert was only available to the wealthy and royalty.

Eventually, as technology became more elaborate and the ice cream making process more refined, ice cream was suddenly available to most people. It swiftly became a popular treat and dessert.

The Right Containers, Buckets and Tubs for Ice Cream Storage

The best types of containers for ice cream are injection-molded HDPE and LDPE plastic containers. Most ice cream containers are made from these materials, as they are particularly suitable for freezer storage and in particular long-term freezer storage.

Other typical materials used for ice cream containers—such as paper and cardboard—are not suitable for long-term storage. They are also unsuitable for transportation, as they are too flimsy. HDPE and LDPE plastic provide the necessary resilience for the safe transportation of ice cream.

Ice cream containers, buckets, and tubs are made by heating small beads of plastic until they become liquefied. The liquefied plastic is then injected into a mold by hydraulics until the mold is full.

The alternative to injection molding is traditional molding, when the plastic is poured rather than forced into the mold. The disadvantage is that the plastic needs to be heated to a very high temperature before it is pliable enough to be poured. Injection means less energy is used to heat the plastic and the cooling periods before the plastic can be released from the mold are less lengthy, too.

HDPE and LPDE – What's the Difference?

HDPE is high-density polyethylene, and LDPE refers to low-density polyethylene. The main difference between these two types of plastic is the way in which they are made. HDPE is a double-bonded polymer, while LDPE is single-bonded. This means that HDPE is stronger and less flexible than LDPE, although both materials are completely suitable for use as ice cream containers.

HPDE can withstand temperatures as low as -248 degrees, while LPDE can be frozen as low as -60 degrees. A typical freezer maintains the temperature at a level of zero degrees.

The other benefits of HDPE and LDPE when it comes to ice cream containers are that both substances are odorless, tasteless, grease and water proof, durable and easy to seal, label and print upon.

These containers give consumers additional benefits. First, their durability makes them reusable, which means that once a container has been relieved of all the ice cream it contains, it can be washed and put to many other uses. This reusability is great for the environment, which makes HDPE and LDPE containers attractive to environmentally friendly consumers. In fact, a good quality HDPE container can be put to multiple uses and can last years!

Want to Know More About Ice Cream Containers, Buckets, and Tubs?

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