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Competitiveness is not strong domestic market share of modified plastics industry less than 1/3
Jul 03, 2017

With the rapid development of domestic economy, the modified plastics industry has become a new bright spot of economic growth. It is reported that modified plastics has been listed as a key development of the country's scientific and technological field, its output and consumption of annual growth of 20% and 15% respectively.

However, the bright-eyed data did not cover up the embarrassment of the development of domestic plastic industry. From the current market situation, most of the domestic modified plastic market is occupied by foreign enterprises, and domestic modified plastic enterprises in the market share of less than 1/3.

In this respect, the industry pointed out that the main reason for the lack of market share of domestic modified plastics industry is that the core competitive ability is not strong. On the one hand, the domestic modified plastics industry started relatively late, the foundation is relatively weak, coupled with the lack of research and development capacity, and foreign advanced level there is a certain gap. For example, with a diameter of 75 mm in a twin-screw extruder, for example, the same set of equipment abroad capacity is 2-3 times the domestic equipment, the gap is very obvious.

On the other hand, the domestic modification plastics industry is still in the extensive development stage, the concrete phenomenon is the product value-added low, the science and technology content is insufficient, the product homogeneity phenomenon is very serious. In addition, with the expansion of production scale in recent years, signs of overcapacity began to surface, the severity of market competition further intensified.

Thus, how to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of domestic modified plastics industry is undoubtedly the key to crack the market share of the industry. Relevant experts pointed out that the domestic modified plastics industry must strengthen the development of modified technology formulations, improve product value-added and scientific and technological content, and effectively enhance the market competitiveness of the industry, so as to further promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

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