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Basics of packaging bottle Pet bottle
Jul 03, 2017

Pet's full name is Polyethylene Terephthalate (polyethylene terephthalate), a polymer produced by the combination of terephthalic acid (Terephthalic) and ethylene glycol (Ethylene Glycol), referred to as polyester.

Pet plastic with light weight, high transparency, impact-resistant and not easy to fracture characteristics, but also can prevent carbon dioxide gas, so that soda water to maintain a "steam." As a result, pet plastics are suitable for packaging, especially for water and soft drinks! The normal pet bottle production process is by the pet polyester chip plus the color oil hot melt shoots the bottle embryo, after a certain humidity temperature environment storage for a period of time after crystallization or not crystallization, then blows into the bottle. The lid material is mostly PP and PE, the injection molding and presses the plastic two kinds, the production process and the bottle-like, but uses is the color mother, some also need to be equipped with the inside cushion, the cover surface sometimes adds the mark and so on, in which the injection cover top has the faint small point. Pet bottles are mainly used in the packaging of drugs, carbonated beverages, but also for wine, tea beverages, fruit juices, mineral water, edible oil, spices, cosmetics, pesticides and detergents and other liquid packaging.

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