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Advantages and market development of pet plastic bottle in food packaging
Jul 03, 2017

Advantages and market development of pet plastic bottle in food packaging

China's pet production scale lags far behind several major manufacturers. Into the 80 's, China gradually imported tons ~ Hundreds of thousands of tons of advanced pet resin synthesis equipment, quality and production have made great progress. Pet bottle because of its light weight, easy to transport and carry, by beer, beverage production plants and consumers of all ages.

(a) Advantages of PET Bottles

1, Pet plastic bottle is superior to glass beer bottle in safety;

2, Pet plastic bottle weight is light, convenient for long-distance transportation of products, to beer companies can save transportation costs;

3, Pet plastic bottled beer is more portable than glass bottles and cans, can adapt to young people's novelty, seek different psychology;

4, the use of brown, oxygen-resistant pet bottle filling pure beer or low sterilization unit of high-grade beer, can improve the appearance of high-grade beer image;

5, Pet bottle type and capacity choice of greater flexibility, can produce different bottle-type, different capacity of products, rich varieties of products.

In short, pet plastic bottles cheap, transparent, airtight, compressive strength and easy to shape. It not only solves the problem of bottle shape design, safety and transportation of glass containers, but also avoids the problems of shape design and opacity of metal containers. Many of these characteristics make it more and more widely used in beverage packaging.

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